Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Peachy Keen Stamps Challenge

Hi my name is Aubrey I'm just a little girl. And I really really want to win because I want some of my own stamps and I dont want to share with my mommy my Peachy Keen Stamps because she has enough. (lol I LOVE the way my kids think) I'm entering this into the challenge at Peachy Keen Stamps.

Yall see this she wrote I LOVE DAD. After all I've done for her hehehehe kidding kidding! Thanks yall for stopping by.

Peachy Keen Stamps Challenge

Hi my name is Zoe and I made this for the Peachy Keen Sketch Challenge. I made it because my mom told me I could enter and maybe win some stamps. I love to use Peachy Keen Stamps. This is a stamp set that I got from my mom for my birthday last year.

She made the entire thing by herself. :)
Thank you for telling me to get a blog.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Post One

Okay I caved and decided to give the girls their own blog so that they can post projects that they do on here. Thanks for looking everyone!!!!

ZoZo and JoJo